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My mixtape delivery service at Other current projects at Founded Brassland in 2001. I help artists—and manage & curate creative projects

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  1. ♡ LOVE SONGS ♡

    By Alec Hanley Bemis The paid-subscriber version of this mixtape delivery service has been unusually active in 2024. Starting with a delicate New Year’s Day mix , then a list of my most listened to records of 2023 , then an introduction to Brassland (my long-running music imprint).
  2. Hello from Brassland

    By Alec Hanley Bemis # of Tracks: about 66 tracks Length: over 4 hours Themes: recordings from the artist-operated label started in 2001 by twin brothers/musicians Aaron Dessner and Bryce Dessner…and me! ~ collaborations from an evolving assortment of community-minded artists ~ musi
  3. welcome to my mixtape delivery service

    By Alec Hanley Bemis You probably discovered me via the year end edition of Substack Reads . A half dozen writers recommended their top posts of 2023. Margaret Atwood kindly shined a spotlight on my summer post about Sinéad O’Connor's last playlist . 1 As a thank you, I’ve given new r
  4. in-between then woke up new

    By Alec Hanley Bemis # of Tracks: about 30 Length: 90 minutes Themes: wispy, barely there recordings ~ many of which are quite short ~ four from my label Brassland ~ three composed by David Lang ~ overall, an almost equal mix of instrumental sound and music with vocals ~ loose, not-
  5. A musician who tended this year's Rockefeller Center tree shares his fairytale of New York

    By Alec Hanley Bemis Here is the origin story of America’s most iconic Christmas tree. Well, at least this year’s edition—a 12 ton, 80 foot tall spruce sourced from an unsuspecting family in upstate New York. When I discovered that I knew 1 the musician who donated it, I asked if h
  6. atypical boogie & a holiday premonition

    By Alec Hanley Bemis # of Tracks: about 66 tracks Length: 4 hours Themes: a mix of obscurities (by Junie Morrison, Sun Ra, Peter Ivers) and classics (by War, Tina Turner, the Rolling Stones) ~ mostly tunes of a pre-1980s vintage ~ a block of recordings by indigenous North Americans
  7. for today's active lifestyles (memory edition)

    By Alec Hanley Bemis A reminder that you can support this mixtape delivery service by paying me actual money. Learn how at this subscription page . It’s not required! However, paid subs get access to a handful of additional paywalled mixtapes. And, for me, the consistent growth in
  8. for today's active lifestyles (Brassland edition)

    Note: A few of the link-forwarding services I use for cleaner, more efficient links seem to be experiencing technical difficulties at the moment. The links directing you to individual services (Spotify, Apple, YouTube, Amazon) are in working order. # of Tracks: about 30 (plus some
  9. I have a mixtape delivery service. Visit this URL to subscribe:

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