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Data science, politics (left), sports, San Francisco. I follow back.

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  1. I have logistical questions:
  2. DEVELOPING STORY: Classified Documents Have NOT Been Found in My Home. Despite a thorough search conducted while I also looked for the remote. More on this story as it develops…
  3. In honor of Twitter turning into a hellsite, I'm going to follow anyone who boosts this. Reason? Saying the same thing on Twitter got me a content warning. And that's not even counting Elon's tirades
  4. lol
  5. smart:
  6. Hi all, Quick update on what we are working on this week. Most of this week will go to building out the infrastructure we need to improve operations, onboarding new users, safety features (like block/m
  7. I’ve seen Post criticized as “too polite.” WHO WANTS TO FIGHT ME? - It’s pronounced “GIF” - Shawshank is just an OK movie - Man of Steel was crap - Of course it’s a Christmas movie - Mary Anne I have like
  8. For the new folks: I wrote last week about why leaving Twitter is like leaving an addiction. If you are driven toward the same practices and habits that you had on Twitter, which was an environment des
  9. Going through the posts this morning, seeing lots of feature requests and questions about our priorities, I thought I would share what we are focused on and why we are making certain decisions. First o
  10. Since we're in Beta Mode, this link seems helpful. 😃👍 #postmetamode
  11. Please credit the artist when you post images -- and yes, even us cartoonists count as artists :-) When they all get here, you can @ them, but until then just something like art:NameOfArtist or credit
  12. Post uses a text formatting syntax called #Markdown . If you want to #format your text post without reaching the character length that opens the menu, here is a cheat sheet on how you can format post
  13. Otto & Butler are new here!
  14. Promising!
  15. My apologies to the person who posted this earlier, sorry I neglected to note who it was, but it works very well. Type or paste into Twitter's search field: filter:follows You'll find all the
  16. Hi Everyone, One of the things we are working on is tools for Micro-communities to find and organize themselves. Think about topic centered feeds (i.e #Ukraine , #Inflation , #Gardening , #medical ), prof
  17. Woo hoo! @joycewhitevance is here!! #sistersinlaw

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