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Michael O’Kane is an attorney with two decades' experience in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. He is a former special legal advisor to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in that capacity drafted a legal code, including a disputes resolution code, for the Kingdom’s Economic Cities project. He advised the Saudi Railways Commission on licensing and regulating the growing rail sector in the Kingdom and has assisted them in drafting regulations for an administrative tribunal to process disputes. More recently he advised KA-CARE, the King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy in drafting a law for the peaceful use of nuclear energy in the Kingdom. His book, Doing Business in Saudi Arabia is on Amazon’s International Law bestseller list. He has also written three other books on Saudi law, *Saudi Labor Law*, *Saudi Securities Law* and *Saudi Real Estate Law and Practice*. His book on his time in Iraq, *Law and Rockets: An American Lawyer in Iraq*, has been described as "a rollicking ride through legal hell." He is a former cargo handler for Mexicana Airlines. Visit him at

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    I will never forgive Pepsi for discontinuing Pepsi Lite. I will never forgive Pepsi for discontinuing Pepsi Lite.I will never forgive Pepsi for discontinuing Pepsi Lite.I will never forgive Pepsi for

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