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  1. I guess there’s seriously paranoid people freaking out right about now, even more so tomorrow? ☀️ 🌙
  2. Republicans won’t vote for a woman president. Prove me wrong!
  3. In my state of Oklahoman, you apparently can be executed for throwing water on someone.
  4. Bullying is traumatizing. Bullying is traumatic. Bullying is trauma.
  5. Joel Osteen church shooter had a history of mental illness. I would like to remind everyone that it was Donald Trump who made it easier for people with serious mental conditions to be able to buy guns!
  6. All of them are expected to survive, but can we address the PTSD they will now have! ?
  7. Earthquake! OKC
  8. Picking Trump again to be the GOP candidate is like enjoying a raging STD. What the fuck is a matter with you Republicans?!
  9. A Christmas tree from the Great War sent to a German soldier in the trenches 1914-1918 #christmastree #history #ww1
  10. Some of our voters are absolute scum of the Earth so now we have to be absolute scum of the Earth. - GOP
  11. Why does #Post keep making me login numerous times a day?
  12. Anyone who blatantly kisses trump’s butthole should NEVER be put in a position of power!
  13. Just a reminder that guns are the number one killer of American children.
  14. There are terrorists on both sides.
  15. Just wanted to give Ken Paxton a one finger salute. 🖕🏻 #Texas
  16. Is that Noah guy a drunk? #SNL
  17. Damn Emma Stone is talented AF. #SNL
  18. Wait. Is that Melania? Ugh.
  19. American oligarchs.

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