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  1. By Dan Rather (Photo by Drew Angerer) In an era of unprecedented upheaval, it is difficult to find suitable context and perspective for the latest indictment of Donald Trump. After all, this isn’t the first indictment he has faced, or even the first in federal court. It isn’t the f
  2. Today I posted a link to an episode of Make No Law, the First Amendment podcast I did for a number of years. I'm very proud of the podcast and very grateful to the folks at Legal Talk Network -- particularly producer Laurence Colletti and our extremely talented composer and soun
  3. My round up of the week in Tweets and Memes is up! Enjoy.
  4. So disturbing yet honest ...
  5. I will not watch #TyreNichols be murdered -I just have to replay every other f*cking video of an innocent Black person killed in cold blood by COPS! Until there is an honest reckoning & cleaning out of every PD -I fear we will just see more #BlackLivesMatter #PoliceReform
  6. #פידצבא היום מציינים 88 שנים לתשובה הכי טובה ותמציתית להצעת הכניעה הגרמנית לכוח הצנחנים האמריקאים בבאסטון: nuts. כלומר, לך חפש.
  7. This story about a narrowly elected, yet-to-be-sworn-in New York House Republican just gets more and more jaw-dropping. It turns out that “George Santos” is not Jewish like he said, did not go to the s
  8. National Treasure Dan Rather, as always, eloquently sums up the moment.
  9. Animal Advent 21. Momma Rose Rose arrived right from a feedlot awaiting shipment to slaughter. She was too sick and thin to survive trip. A horse rescue friend saw her and called us. The vet started tre
  10. Whether Trump is an antisemite or not is a red herring; the problem is that he does not distinguish between a Jew and a Nazi. All that matters is who likes him and says nice things about him. He is di
  11. A judge dismissed 8 out of the 10 claims Lake originally made in her lawsuit . Much narrower versions of Lake's 2 remaining claims will be argued today. The first claim is regarding ballot-on-demand (BO
  12. Dr. Jill Biden really decked the halls for Christmas at the White House! #MerryChristmas #HappyHolidays
  13. Good morning my beautiful people 💕 Be good to yourselves always and be the love ❤️
  14. Read this by my friend Ken White (a/k/a @popehat ), if you want to understand the competing things that people mean when they talk about free speech.
  15. Read this by my friend Ken White (a/k/a @popehat ), if you want to understand the competing things that people mean when they talk about free speech.
  16. Time to finally put my thoughts down on this place. Let’s start with Facebook. Facebook/Meta largely, to me, is like running into someone on the street. You find someone you probably know in some way,
  17. Crouton peeps!! Where you at? RePost to help us find all our animal loving friends here on Post #Croutonia #Crouton

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