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Bleeding Heart Liberal Left Wing Democrat, Believer in Democracy & Human Rights for All.

Northeastern United States

SM is my outlet to talk about everything going on in the world. Purple is my favorite color. Love history documentaries. Enjoy sci-fi/fantasy drama like , & lately She/Her ♀ & 🧢🧢🧢 πŸŒˆπŸ³οΈβ€βš§οΈ Pisces β™“

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  1. The little things in life mean so much. God bless "Mr. Larry" for his big heart & God bless Levi & the rest of his bus kids who are so lucky to have this A+ human as an example in their lives.
  2. OMG!! This is going to drive #TraitorTrump out of his damned mind!!
  3. I Saw a Freezing Dog

    It's been below freezing & very windy where I live for the past few days. Yesterday, I came out of the grocery store to see a dog sitting on the concrete, tied to a pole on a 6-foot lease. It was not a Malamute or a Husky that thrives in cold weather. It looked like a shepherd mi
  4. Good news!
  5. Please watch and share. Thanks! God Made a Dictator from @projectlincoln
  6. Visiting the Library

    One of my #NewYearsResolutions is to return to a habit I had as a child. I used to go to the library all the time. I'm a reader. But at some point, probably when I started working, I stopped going to the library and started going to book stores. I started buying books instead of
  7. #RIPMatthewPerry .
  8. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣
  9. By Greg Olear Dear Reader, In August of 2001, we moved from the East Village to a lovely brick co-op in Astoria, Queens. That’s where we lived during 9/11 and the blackout. Catty-corner from our building was an uninviting bar called Kelly’s. It looked more like a house than a bar, l
  10. Now I've got to binge S1 because I've forgotten important details & where we left off. #TheWheelOfTime #Season2
  11. Jogless Stripes While Knitting In The Round

    I'm working on my first pair of striped socks. Lordy! Jogless stripes are a pain in the butt! Especially when you're trying to carry your yarn along too. So much to think about. I just found this video about doing a yarnover jogless stripe. About to frog my work & try this method
  12. The Price of Supporting #TraitorTrump

    These morons are having their lives & livelihoods destroyed & are facing ruinous legal bills because of their allegiance to a traitor & a con artist. I count six lawyers in the bunch who certainly should've known better. They spent years & lots of money for law school & will no d
  13. At the beginning of 2023, I sat with my extremely affable and concerned physician in a white boxy room in the ubiquitous paper coat. My lab tests showed a surprising amount of redlined numbers that indicated something had to be done. I was worried about my weight. My doctor was
  14. Finally!! The list of co-conspirators is interesting too.
  15. Michigan Fake Electors

    When I was a kid & sometimes got in trouble, my parents would often say "You're old enough to know better." Apparently, that's not a thing anymore as some of these folks are in their 70s & even 80s. They're certainly old enough to know better.
  16. #TraitorTrump is now attempting to go over the head of the Special Counsel & whine directly to the AG of the US. I hope Garland tells him to take a long walk off a short pier! 🀬🀬🀬
  17. Solar Panels Above Parking Lots

    Solar panels on top of parking lots? Seems like a brilliant idea to me. I hope it catches on in the US. This is a gift article so you can read all about it without hitting a paywall.🌞🌞🌞 #SolarPower
  18. Today's Google Doodle is celebrating one of my favorite actors . . . #AlanRickman My favorite role of his was as Colonel Brandon in Sense and Sensibility. Rest in peace Alan . . . you are missed!

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