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Liberal Democrat living in a Red state. Enjoys politics, reading, movies and music.

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  1. In an email blast today Congressman Adam Schiff stated: Already, Republicans are promising to kick me off the House Intelligence Committee and find new and creative ways to retaliate against me for ho
  2. Can’t wait to watch tonight
  3. What’s the best way to spend a Sunday? Being covered in animals of course! #catsofpost #dogsofpost
  4. If you are still on Twitter, you need to get off it immediately. Read this brief essay to understand why the new Twitter policy Elon Musk just announced today needs to be the last straw for everyone l
  5. Went out tonight with my mom and BFF to a Christmas Movie Trivia night. We were 1st after the 3rd round but dropped to 3rd after the final round. #christmasmovietrivia
  6. Hey look who’s on post now!!!
  7. Things you can’t look away from: 1) a Car wreck 2) a fire 3) the breakdown of the blue bird site
  8. FACT: None of the journalists who were suspended did this. He's lying.
  9. So many new refugees from the other site rn
  10. Became a huge fan of #crumblcookies today. The gingersnap was amazing and perfect for the holidays.
  11. Good tips here
  12. Great follow lists here!
  13. "Free speech" massacre on the twitters
  14. Very interesting read
  15. I have been saying for some time now—online and offline—that things are far worse inside Twitter than the tech reporting we’re seeing is indicating. Musk has laid off much of Twitter’s legal team and m
  16. Why is it that the youngest is always the problem? #catmastree
  17. Does the very cool news about the breakthrough in fusion energy make anyone else want to watch the movie “The Saint”?
  18. Go Biden!

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