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  1. An Actual Experience of the Virtual Past, (Really)

    In this month’s edition of Extraordinary Ordinary People, “An Actual Experience of the Virtual Past, (Really),” I consider people long ago recorded in photographs and sound who were born, of course, still farther back in the reaches of time. “Is what we see in the photograph, what
  2. New at Homo Vitruvius Overhead, the sky is black and shot with stars, hovering (unfathomable doom forestalled) in latency and peace. All come together. Night holds them close and they talk intimate and urgent, voices humming in the darkness like summer bees.
  3. Putting the Magellan Expedition in context, at Homo Vitruvius. "Zheng He and The Treasure Fleet": The Magellanic Diaries 10 #historicalfiction #history
  4. Wherein I try to practice reasoning through the meaning of words. 'The words I consider here – the concepts – do not climb down into the policy trenches, of what exactly people, society, or government might choose to do in response to a problem or how they would choose to do it. T
  5. ‘I was mistaken for Malkovich in the South of France during the years he lived there. I would hear a stream of French spoken too quickly for me to pick out many words, but in the midst of which would sound, very noticeably, “John Malkovich.” ‘'A few years later, in a Marais restau
  6. Dr. John Gartner: The world is watching "a fundamental breakdown in Trump’s ability to use language." Experts say Trump's decline may be "caused by his incapacity to manage the stress caused by multiple indictments"
  7. A Reader's Review, March 2024

    From Miles Davis to Suetonius, Frankish monasteries and Twelve Roman emperors to the Criterion Collection and the novels of Percival Everett, and life as a journey (or not) to serialized novels and memoirs on Substack, with the vital, ever-renewing Babel that is my originating po
  8. Message of the year. (My only critical caveat: this is not “partisan” politics. Nothing to do with liberal or conservative or anything related. It's a fundamental social, civilizational choice. This year. In the United States. By Americans. One shot.)
  9. An Experiment in Morality

    In my latest at Homo Vitruvius, I turn a critical eye to Peter Singer's “The Drowning Child and the Expanding Circle.” "According to various authoritative sources, over 6o million people now die globally each year, 164 thousand a day, 6850 per hour, 114 per minute, 2 per second. A
  10. But will she be free to commission her own, independent forensic autopsy? Would any examiner feel safe to conduct one? Aleksei Navalny’s Body Was Returned to His Mother, Allies Say
  11. I wrote about Projecting L.A. 2024 last week. Now the official invitation is out, and as you see . . . The 2022 event was magical. 2024 will be grander still in every respect. It is a true community event, designed to bring Angelenos of all stripes together, to begin, on a single
  12. "Qu’est-ce que c’est – “A. Jay”? A periodic reintroduction of myself at my Substack, Homo Vitruvius. "I am here to write all that I write, about all that I write about, to offer up all that I am as a writer to those who will receive me." “Not just words about the ideas but the words
  13. My latest entry in the Magellanic Diaries series. "Columbus. Magellan. The two most prominent names. The two most transformative events of the age. But there were other explorers – other names that will sound familiar but about which you can’t really recall anything specific. Ther
  14. “Listen, I've got something very obvious to tell you. You're not allowed to give up. If they decide to kill me, it means we are incredibly strong.” Watch: Alexei Navalny’s ‘final message’ to Russian people.
  15. Trump Ordered to Pay $355 Million and Barred From New York Business
  16. Like reading about the fall of of some petty apparatchik in Veliky Novgorod.
  17. They killed him. Slowly, Putin killed him. The monster of Moscow claims another life. And the ugly beast named Trump would be him. Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny dies in prison, officials say
  18. Projecting L.A. 2024

    Time to spread the word on Post about The L.A. Project's Projecting L.A. 2024, now 2 months away, a massive outdoor screening of #streetphotography , #documentary & #news #photography all about the city of Los Angeles. Read on. Photo credit: Alon Goldsmith
  19. "Certain Normal Predicaments of Human Divinity"

    My latest at Homo Vitruvius, on Substack: on the “novel of ideas,” political art, photography, and human actuality. “In the vaguest sense, any true work of art is a political statement, but Famous Men, through its subject, and in the reverence of its authors for their subjects, i
  20. "A Poet Laureate of Hospice"

    From my new series on Homo Vitruvius, Extraordinary Ordinary People: "A Poet Laureate of Hospice" 'Wracked by pain that he managed with large doses of morphine and fentanyl, Auprey wrote 348 poems over the last year of his life. They came in the night, in reverie and dreams, memori

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