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Educator in maths, programming, embedded development. Aerospace and human factors nerd.

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  1. Today I posted a link to an episode of Make No Law, the First Amendment podcast I did for a number of years. I'm very proud of the podcast and very grateful to the folks at Legal Talk Network -- particularly producer Laurence Colletti and our extremely talented composer and soun
  2. Good for him for checking himself in and for being open about it. Openness saves lives. Shame and secrecy kill.
  3. Allen Steele also reports that Greg Benford is improving. They talked for an hour yesterday in lieu of watching the Superb Owl. I've known Allen almost as long as I've known Greg. If he says it, I believe it.
  4. By: Jennifer McDermott, The Associated Press The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has certified the design for what will be the United States' first small modular nuclear reactor. The rule that certif
  5. Good resource.

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