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  1. It’s terrific news that the federal deficit fell dramatically in 2022 — but why did the New York Times choose to run a photo of Kevin McCarthy and other Republicans in a celebratory mood when both Con
  2. In March of last year, 12 Republicans joined all House Democrats to pass a bill that capped the price of insulin at $35 per month. It was later filibustered in the Senate, and the final reconciliation
  3. Biden is on a clear path to reelection Trump is on a clear path to prison Anything else is just noise
  4. Hey Republicans - if you think it’s cool that trump stole, hid and then lied about having hundreds of classified documents, I don’t wanna hear shit about the handful of documents Biden’s own lawyers d
  5. Turns out Special Counsel Jack Smith has already sent grand jury subpoenas to numerous Donald Trump people
  6. While it’s going to be a long and chaotic two years, I’m absolutely convinced that Democrats will take back the House in 2024 — and Hakeem Jeffries will take his rightful place as Speaker. House Repub
  7. As the wise fictional West Wing character Leo McGarry once said about a nominating process, "One night of this is entertaining. Two nights, we look like idiots."
  8. George Santos told utterly disgusting, despicable, disqualifying lies, and the fact that he is facing zero consequences from the Republican Party tells you everything you need to know about them.
  9. I wish to #Ukraine a year of historical victory. Best of luck to its glorious soldiers, who while we celebrate in our safe cities and houses, are fighting in icy trenches for their Country, and the re
  10. How to be a human lesson.
  11. I feel like the IRS owes me a “YUGE” tax refund from 2015-2020.
  12. ABORTION RIGHTS GROUPS HAVE RAISED concerns that a Donald Trump-nominated federal judge approving an anti-contraception lawsuit is proof the GOP will go further restricting the procedure post Roe v. W
  13. TrumpNazi took Office compromised by foreign government - No wonder TrumpNazi was nice to Russia China NK Turkey they Owned him-Blackmail — Everything TrumpNazi did as President was illegitimate — Hi
  14. This photo might not seem like much. President Biden sitting with 65 bills he is going to sign before the end of the year, but I’d argue something like this photo matters far more about his popularity
  15. Score another one for Joe Biden
  16. Score another one for Joe Biden

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