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  1. I apologize for not being more vocal and active over on this site, but I forgot I had an account. Happily, I expect few feel disappointed or deprived.
  2. Oh, look-- another inferno.

    It seemed inevitable that The Other Site would eventually inevitably experience serious degradation in performance and reliability once Elmo started lopping away huge chunks of critical support staff,
  3. Awkward.
  4. Make it so.
  5. Sometimes I laugh about how much more reach and impact I'd have on social media if I was really beautiful.
  6. Maybe this is a knee-jerk analysis, but I'm really starting to wonder if perhaps Elmo is not going to provide the stable even-handed guidance of that blue bird site that most everyone believes. I sens
  7. Poking my head back in here after a fairly decent break as the site sorted some stuff. It still feels very strange-- like driving someone else's car in an unfamiliar city.
  8. A lesson learned this weekend • if you put a space behind your # words and your @ names they will be highlighted in your post #PostTips
  9. Saturday Morning

    Time to make pages. The #daygig sucks time and energy and will to live, but weekend mornings are mine-- my one clear chance to do what I love and be who I wish I could always be. Tally ho.
  10. I thought I'd be able to stick around the other place, going down with the Titanic. Now, I'm heading to the lifeboats. I've never been a target of most of the hate there. I'm not the kind of person wh
  11. #Screenwriting

    #Screenwriting Where are the expat #screenwriter types from the Blue Bird place? Search seems to suggest there is no such thing here which seems...
  12. Started early, so we wrap up early, but the final hour always seems to slide by at half speed, so the next 76 minutes will be excruciating.
  13. Arrival

    That first couple of days on any new site or community always feels kinda sorta like being dropped into some foreign country where you know anybody and you don't speak the language and you don't have
  14. And now I am on Post. Wooohoooo.

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