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Infectious disease epidemiologist, apparent collector of social media sites. Dog person.

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  1. At last, RFK Jr.'s antivax organization Children's Health Defense says something truthful.
  2. Down to earth & solid advice. It’s all too easy to get sick right now. Here’s how to protect yourself. #Ventilate #Vaccinate #Maskinate #StayHomeWhenSick Kids, hospitals, other parents, & coworkers may t
  3. First time in a hotel acting like she owns the place; finding the heat register wherever she goes. #MabelMonday
  4. Asa Hutchinson…ASA HUTCHINSON , the former Clinton impeachment manager and culturally conservative Governor of Arkansas, is to the left of DeSantis on vaccines/science. That’s the Rights voice of reas
  5. Turning Twitter into a full-blown anti-vax site is a sure way to put $44 billion down the drain. #Twitter #Vaccines #PublicHealth
  6. Okay, I'm still laughing. #Mastodon didn't just murder #Twitter . They incinerated it until there's nothing left but a small pile of ashy hubris and the waft of burnt Musk filling the air.
  7. I have seen so many posts from people asking where all the writers and book people are that after seeing two in short succession yesterday I unwisely decided to do a roundup of my own, and it.... ball
  8. Honored to join Pamela Brown tonight to talk about all the reasons that women (& minorities’!) symptoms are dismissed and under-treated. Among them: it wasn’t until 2017 that women and men were equally
  9. Sciencing!

    It feels like a million years since this was presented at multiple meetings in 2019, but former undergrad Gracen Gerbig's paper on Staphylococcus aureus in Boston rats is out! https://onlinelibrary.wi
  10. Waning support for vaccines

    As more parents say the MMR shouldn't be required for schools (now at 40% of Republicans), central Ohio's #measles outbreak is up to 77 cases as of this morning. 29 hospitalized, 72 confirmed unvaccin
  11. Mabel remains unimpressed by tonight's events. #DogsOfPost
  12. CNN's Statement on the Thursday Masscacre
  13. Too tired to science so here's a #MabelMonday.
  14. Ohio measles update

    Closing out the week in central Ohio's #measles outbreak with 50 confirmed cases, all unvaccinated. Only 9/50 too young to get the vaccine. #vaccineswork
  15. So who has the tips for how to best use this site? Find folks to follow, xpost from elsewhere? Anything else important?
  16. Good lord, so I guess I'm here too. Hi all.

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