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  1. Christian nationalism gave us the Inquisition, the Crusades, the Native American genocide, slavery, the Holocaust, & the MAGA cult. This scourge, rooted in racism, regression, superstition, & bigotry has plagued our planet for far too long. We must evolve beyond this vile hate.
  2. Well, that's an easy one. It would be the same shithole party that tried to kill Obamacare when it was a duplicate of what Romney passed in Massachusetts. They've OFTEN voted against things they tried to pass previously under a different administration. It's known generally as '
  3. By Dan Rather Fascist Germany may feel like a lifetime ago, but it was actually during my lifetime. And yet many people old enough to remember seem to have forgotten the horrible lessons of that time. Many more have never been taught what happened, why, or how. So given the curren

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