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  1. How does the Indian govt's existing Fact Check Unit work?

    Although the notified amendments to the IT rules have left room for the ministry to notify a fact-checking body, which may or may not be the PIB’s Fact Check Unit, not much is known about how this unit operates. Sharad Raghavan and I go into details of its operations for ThePrint.
  2. Content termed ‘fake’ by PIB’s fact check must be taken down, suggests proposed change to Indian IT Rules

    The Indian government wants its own ministry's fact checking unit to become the arbiter of fake news online. The IT Ministry added this proposal to its IT Rules. Read what this means:
  3. What gamers and students want from India’s policy on online gaming

    Read what gamers, students, teachers and psychologists had to say about India’s draft rules on online gaming. Fun tip: Ctrl/Cmd + F ‘Chinese’ and ‘Diwali’ for some interesting details :D
  4. Impact of India’s latest privacy bill on journalistic work

    India’s latest iteration of the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill has removed the exemption for journalistic work. This means for whole swathes of journalism, journalists can be hauled before the
  5. India releases draft online gaming policy

    I wrote about the Indian IT Ministry's draft online gaming policy. There are a few points to note: Gaming companies will be treated as intermediaries rather than publishers, mainly because the remit fo

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