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▲▽ Jesse J. Anderson

Puyallup, WA

Not reaching my potential since 1980. Cofounder: Cohost: 📮

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  1. Ahh, finally some free time so I can catch up on stuff! [proceeds to do nothing, in an overwhelmy sort of way]
  2. “Please show your work.”
  3. Getting an ADHD diagnosis and medication is like someone took a list of ADHD symptoms and built a very specific obstacle course. #adhd
  4. Every time. 🫠 #adhd
  5. Habit streaks suck.

    Habit streaks suck—they help at first, but miss a day and it's all over. So we made Polar Habits, a habit tracker with no streaks and no guilt. We just launched on Product Hunt to help people start 2023
  6. My 8-step process for email management

    Read email. Mark as unread. Think about email. Feel bad for ignoring email. Mark email as important. Contemplate taking action. Don’t. Guilt and shame. Repeat.
  7. Being both easily distracted and time blind is really the 1-2 punch of ADHD. “Ooh, let’s just look at this thing for a minute… aaand it’s been 8 hours.” #adhd
  8. The ADHD urge to do things the “wrong way” (which is secretly the better way). #adhd
  9. My internal clock has 2 times: 🏖️☺️ blissful ignorance 🚨😱 impending doom #adhd
  10. Telling someone with ADHD they have "poor time management skills" might as well be telling them they have "poor unicorn management skills." #adhd
  11. ADHD is just constantly losing things. Lost keys, lost wallet… Lost focus. Lost details. Lost track of time. Lost in my thoughts. Lost interest in a hobby. Lost track of what I was saying. #adhd
  12. I find that whenever I get “worked up” about something—it’s really difficult to walk it back or step down from the high level of emotional intensity. Even when I recognize it happening, the emotional d
  13. ADHD is starting every conversation with “So anyway…” out of habit.
  14. All I need is infinite time so I can make all the things I want to make.
  15. Anti-Planner Unboxing

    Working on an "unboxing" video for The Anti-Planner by Dani Donovan. Excited for more people to get this in their hands! Main filming done, now to do an initial edit. Should be releasing to my YouTube c
  16. Bummer, just had my first critical bug with Post. I wrote a post, submitted it, everything looked great with the post on my timeline. But then it got deleted somehow when I refreshed the page. #feedback
  17. Where my indie hackers and saas devs at? #saas #indiehackers
  18. For now, I think I’ll follow back anyone who follows me and has an avatar. You all seem like a cool bunch.
  19. 💯

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