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Husband, dad, pilot, Lt. Col in the Air National Guard, founder of Country First, US Congressman challenging conspiracy theories, always standing for truth.

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  1. It's OK To Be Politically Homeless

    By Adam Kinzinger We have been brainwashed, in a way. All of us. Over the last few decades every issue, every problem, and even many products (Bud Light? Chik-fil-a?) has been sorted nicely into political lines. Americans have allowed the rage machine to convince us that we must h
  2. Here's How the GOP Became Pro-Russia

    By Adam Kinzinger Did you hear? Tucker Carlson considers Moscow better than every major city in the United States. Are you aware that he recently reported with a sense of awe that Russian supermarkets are superior to ours and this was enough to make him “ radicalized ” against Ame
  3. The Price of Christianity Without Doubt

    By Adam Kinzinger Let’s talk about something easy – religious faith. Have I got your attention? Bring up the topic of religion and most people draw a deep breath, their jaws clench, and they decide, in an instant, that they aren’t going to say anything. This is especially true if th
  4. Alexei Navalny Was Everything the GOP Isn't

    By Adam Kinzinger Alexei Navalny returned to Russia after suffering a poison attack , a nerve agent that took him close to death. He felt it was important to make a stand and keep fighting for a country under the spell of a corrupt and evil man, Putin. Navalny knew this would lead
  5. Be Aware, But No Need To Panic

    By Adam Kinzinger When FBI Director James Comey put his thumb on the scale, helping Donald Trump win a shocking victory, Election Day 2016 was just nine days away. This year, the big Justice Department surprise, calling the country’s attention to President Biden’s age, has come wi
  6. The Speech of an Insane Man

    By Adam Kinzinger We need to have a conversation as a country. It’s staring us right in the face, whether we want to admit it or not. It gets worse every day. Donald is clearly in mental decline and his ramblings, and desperate need for applause, is part of the evidence. We are be
  7. Trumpwatch

    By Adam Kinzinger Who wants to be Donald Trump’s running mate? With the list of contenders starting to look like a Black Friday crowd waiting for the doors to open at Walmart, the better question may be: Who doesn’t want a place on the Trump ticket? Names mentioned so far include
  8. Why We Fight. The War Against Brain Worms

    By Adam Kinzinger Sometimes in the middle of a battle, it’s important for a deep breath, a respite, a refocusing. The mental and emotional toll that a war can take on it’s fighters is sometimes as important as the casualties inflicted by either side. The will to fight is essential
  9. The Betrayal of Ukraine by the Cowards of Congress

    By Adam Kinzinger The latest bill coming from the Senate is a step in the right direction. In a divided government, in divided times, the Constitution allows and even encourages compromise. In fact, the Constitution itself is a compromise. The founders realized that politics is me
  10. Beyond “Thank you for your service.”

    By Adam Kinzinger The Veteran’s Administration has just announced it will give more than $53 million to suicide prevention programs for military veterans. The money guarantees that those who served will get free help and can access it by phone – dial 988 and press 1 -- or in an o
  11. The GOP is Not Serious About the Border, or Foreign Policy

    By Adam Kinzinger There is a very easy way to see if a political party cares about an issue, are they willing to share credit to solve it, or do they only see it as a political benefit? Let’s take a recent tax proposal that came out of committee with bipartisan support. Without go
  12. CNN OPED: I Was a Victim of Swatting

    By Adam Kinzinger I was an early victim of swatting, back in 2011. Though I wasn’t the target, I saw first hand how dangerous this is. I wrote an oped for CNN, and am attaching it through the link here for you to read. This has to stop, or someone is going to get seriously injured
  13. Haley Loses, Trump Fumes

    By Adam Kinzinger The most recent Washington Post poll had Donald Trump ahead of Nikki Haley by 52 to 34. Then, on election day, things looked good for Haley. Minutes after midnight, Dixville Notch, the place famous for casting the first votes in the New Hampshire presidential pri
  14. Weak Republicans Are The Millstone Around Ukraine's Neck

    By Adam Kinzinger If I had to break down where I think the House GOP falls along the lines of supporting Ukraine, I would generally say that 25% are strongly opposed, 25% strongly support, and 50% want to be reelected so they will see where the tide flows (courage at its finest.)
  15. Yes, Its a Cult

    By Adam Kinzinger I must admit off the top, when I first called MAGA a cult, I said it a bit tongue-in-cheek. “Hey, this party is so jacked up its like a cult.” As time has gone on I’ve become less sarcastic about it, and much more convinced that yes, the Republican party is in fa
  16. Trumpwatch

    By Adam Kinzinger This is the next in the series of Trumpwatch. With his daily lies it’s easy to become numb. We can’t. First, at a recent campaign event in New Hampshire, where the GOP primary will be held Tuesday, Donald Trump said the state’s election process will “allow Democra
  17. Darkness Vs Light. Tim Scott Chose Darkness

    By Adam Kinzinger We knew it was coming, but it still makes me sick to see it. The inevitable avalanche of endorsements for the crazy Donald. I could go though the list for you, but what’s the point. If they haven’t endorsed him yet they will, and the vacuous drive of political po
  18. How Can Biden Win?

    (Disclaimer: Donald Trump is a small, tiny, weak, victim-of-a-man. But this article addresses his perception, not his reality. Its important for us to understand this to determine the best way to undermine his appeal. Read with an open mind, while remembering he is just the worst
  19. What do Iowa and New Hampshire Mean?

    By Adam Kinzinger After months of candidate sparring and barn-storming, voters in Iowa and New Hampshire are about to decide who they want to be the Republican candidate for president. Their choices are widely assumed to boost the winner as he or she turns toward the next contests
  20. Corruption Corrodes Our Democracy

    By Adam Kinzinger “There’s an honest graft, and I’m an example of how it works. I might sum up the whole thing by sayin’ -- ‘I seen my opportunities and I took ‘em.’” – George W. Plunkitt, 19th Century New York political boss The famous Plunkitt was giving a speech when he claimed

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