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I study, American religion, religion, media and culture. International Research Advisor @ American Indian Law Alliance Grant & Event Coordinator @ Doctrine of Discovery Project / Syracuse University

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  1. Religious Studies question. What are some of your favorite religious studies blogs? #acrel #amrel #AARSBL #SBLAAR
  2. 🎙️ S04E06: Unveiling Histories: Colonialism, Faith, and Identity in the Americas with João Chaves #DoctrineOfDiscovery #historypodcast #coloniallegacy
  3. 🎙️ New Podcast 🎙️ Stealing Land in the Name of God #DoctrineofDiscovery
  4. Lacrosse Festival

    Announcing The Restore Our Sacred Lake 5K and Haudenosaunee Wooden Stick Festival Weekend on September 14th and 15th at Onondaga Lake Park. Learn more at
  5. Sandy Bigtree & Philip Arnold - The Religious Origins of White Supremacy
  6. New Episode of Mapping the Doctrine of Discovery

    S04E05: Rekindling Culture and Healing History: A Dialogue on Decolonization and Indigenous Land Connection with James W. Perkinson and S. Lily Mendoza
  7. The Legacy of the Doctrine of Discovery

    S04E04: Reckoning with the Legacy of Colonization: A Dialogue on Native American Erasure and Resilience with Tink Tinker #acrel #amrel #AARSBL #SBLAAR
  8. 2024 GIPC Statement

    2024 Global Indigenous Peoples Caucus Statement #UNPFII #UNPFII2024 #WeAreIndigenous
  9. Global Indigenous Women's Caucus Statement

  10. Craft Fair

    Join us for the Indigenous Craft Fair today from 9-5. The craft fair is free and open to the public. #UNPFII #WeAreIndigenous #UNPFII2024 .
  11. Honoring Tupac Enrique Acosta Wednesday 17th of April 2024 – 5-7PM UN Church Center, 10th Floor #WeAreIndigenous #UNPFII #UNPFII2024
  12. Global Indigenous Women’s Caucus 2024 @UN4Indigenous #UNPFII #WeAreIndigenous
  13. Announcing Season 4 of the Mapping the Doctrine of Discovery Podcast.

    S04E02: Exploring the American Religious Tapestry: From Civil Religion to Secularism and the Impact of the January 6th Insurrection
  14. My First Op-Ed "Trump's Dangerous Rhetoric of Dehumanization" @GFMediaOrg
  15. I am loving the TLDR #WebDev newsletter. I highly recommend it.

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