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Leftist. Shitposter. Trans nonbinary, bi, NSFW. Writer of fiction and nonfiction. Historian and philosopher. Pain in the ass. Disabled. Seagull a la Rene Magritte.

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  1. What should the first legislative priority be for the 118th US Congress? I don't like saying "main" because I think there are too many things to address to be myopic and focus on one in particular. I'v
  2. Noticing people talking about how inflation has cooled from 7.1% from 9.1% in June without many people discussing that the only real thing that's changed between then and now is that the 2022 midterms
  3. Not all nationalism is fascism, but all fascism is nationalism.
  4. The Hives are the best pure rock band of the last 30 years.
  5. Chicken!
  6. Any other #communist posters on here? #anarchism ? Would be great to meet you.
  7. Worshipping bosses who have no idea how to do the labor that keeps their companies afloat is like praising the guy in the back of the cab for his driving skills.
  8. Let's try horntposting on Post. Why not.
  9. Margherita time
  10. Elon Musk is proof that money is not proof of intelligence. That argument is dead.
  11. Class warfare is as simple as this, and always has been: They want to draw distinctions between you and them. Visual cues. Fashions. Clothes and accessories you can and can't afford. They want you to f
  12. Plan is to start writing a blue collar leftist standpoint on this account. Also bad jokes and occasionally very nsfw content. Follow or unfollow if that doesn't seem up your alley.
  13. No Android app? What am I supposed to do, leave browser tabs open like a chump?
  14. I mean, what is a leg anyway
  15. Follow me if you want to live.
  16. Blue collar means always being thrilled at the opportunity to just sit on your ass
  17. An opening thought: with the news of embezzlement at the NYPD, should we be investigating any and all police departments for signs of this in their budgets?

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