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Whatever. Nevermind.

Skeptical. Egalitarian. Feminist. Midwest "elite". Blue State Minnesota. Used to be on the bird carcass; now I'm not. Still with Her. KHIVE.

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  1. 👍
  2. No regerts.
  3. happy three-year anniversary to some stupid fucking idiot assuring us that 15 covid cases would soon go down to zero. remind me, how did that turn out
  4. Amen.
  5. Someone shopping at Whole Foods, as the picture indicates, isn't all that concerned about the cost of groceries...
  6. I never knew that there were Amish puppy farms... I do know that Santos is a lying creep.
  7. Life comes at you fast.
  8. fuck yes: the shithead insurrectionist who put his filthy feet up on Nancy Pelosi's desk has been convicted on all counts. lock him the fuck up and throw away the fucking key
  9. Here. It. Is. The unsealed deposition of Donald J. Trump in the E. Jean Carroll lawsuit(s) Link:
  10. I created a visual guide for fellow Posties on how to use Post's newly released 'block feature'. Share widely and gain Postie Karma. Thanks to @janete and the rest of the Post Team. #posttips
  11. My migration

    So far, Post is where the wonkier, substacking, news types seemed to migrate. CounterSocial has been more social, and suffers no assholes. I was on the Bird early on, and I had cultivated a nice balance
  12. Raichik runs the anti-trans hate account LibsOfTikTok, and revealed her face for the first time on Tucker Carlson's show today.
  13. The pipeline spill over the Ogallala Aquifer is bad news for the fresh water supply. 😢
  14. Thank you, Dr. Fauci - posting here after what happened on that other site.
  15. Trump freed 5,000 Taliban soldiers and then invited their leaders to Camp David.
  16. Well. Well. Well.

    Well, if the deplorables & magats flood this place, I haven't invested that much of my time here. I'll have other places to go (CoSo). I intended this site to be used as one of the news collectors. Af
  17. We move onward. Always.

    We had party phone lines, analog modems, dialin bbs, gopher, kermit, mu*s, telnet, isdn, usenet, aim, irc, icq, prodigy/compuserve, t1, livejournal, deadjournal, blogger, myspace, youtube, ustream, fa
  18. Your voters fly the flag of the traitors who assassinated him. He's not yours anymore.

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