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Transplant from New Mexico 

Vancouver, WA

Political junkie, progressive, dogs, family, gardening, puzzles. Value truth, kindness. SSDGM

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  1. By Ariana Baio A near-total abortion ban, part of a 158-year-old law, is enforceable in Arizona , the state’s Supreme Court has ruled. In a 4-2 bombshell decision, the state’s supreme court on Tuesday upheld a Civil War-era law that criminalises abortions, and those who help a woman
  2. Every decent person in the state of TX should be taking to the streets in massive protests over the blatant and dangerous treatment of women. I am gobsmacked that in 2023 women are facing this kind of attack on their rights and their health. Appalling. From here in California
  3. If any Democratic legislatures need ideas for expanding voting rights in their states, I am happy to make suggestions.
  4. "President Zelensky’s bravery threatens Trump, therefore it threatens the GOP itself. They prefer cartoon bravery and cold-blooded killers that fit in with their branding operations over true valor."
  5. #taxreturns ! Get the popcorn ready!
  6. Yes, thanks to Joe Biden!

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