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  1. I'd be very grateful to be alerted to any specialist publications (eg, professional & trade journals) that sometimes have strong & original writing
  2. Tricameral Legislatures

    Every legislature in the world consists of one or two chambers. America has the two-chamber version — House and Senate. But why stop at two? How might a tricameral legislature work, with the third cha
  3. The Beauty Of Bézier Curves | Freya Holmér

    Visual essay about a kind of parametric curve very popular for computer graphics, animation and fonts. The algebra is explained in an accessible way here
  4. The World Is All That Is The Case

    Ludwig Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus "is less the greatest philosophical work of the 20th century than it is one of the most immaculate volumes of modernist poetry written in the past
  5. Dr Nabos and Mr Reis

    A brief introduction to the 20C Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa, who created 47 fictional authors in whose names and distinctive voices he published almost all of his poetry and prose. "One was in p
  6. "the decision to cease nuclear production has contributed to more deaths than the [fukushima] accident itself"
  7. Your mindbender for today: "The idea of backward causation should not be confused with that of time travel. These two notions are related to the extent that both agree that it is possible to causally
  8. Can a legal system function without state power at its back? Up to a point, and there are examples to prove it — in non-state polities such as Somaliland and medieval Iceland, and among non-state comm
  9. Not and its many permutations

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