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  1. I came across this quote, attributed to John M. Henry, and I think it's perfect: "Yesterday is experience, tomorrow is hope. Today is getting from one to the other as best we can." Happy New Year, every
  2. This is a remarkable testament to power of forgiveness. Beautiful read.
  3. <extreme Law & Order intro voice> "In Toronto, there are two separate yet equally important Santas: the first, who delivers gifts to all the good girls and boys; and the second, who 'takes care of' th
  4. Remembering the Holodomor, 50 years on.

    Timothy Snyder's books are among the best resources to learn and understand the history of Ukraine and the crimes committed against its people. He recently put together a 15-part lecture series on the
  5. A fascinating listen

    I'm not sure how many here might be into the World Cup, but even if soccer (or sport in general) isn't your thing, the podcast The Rest Is History has a fascinating three-part series delving into the
  6. I'm not quite sure what to post here just yet, so thought I'd share a random bit of life advice: If you're having a hard day, and you have a sister, giving her a call might not fix the problem, but it
  7. Hey there everyone, thrilled to be here.

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