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Libby Calnon


Co-op manager, baker, dahlia grower, & dog mom.

I like to serve my community, feed people, play with my dogs, and grow beautiful dahlias. Life is good. :)

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  1. Chocolate Meringue Pie

    Made a lovely chocolate meringue pie today using this excellent recipe from Serious Eats. I made a larger batch of meringue than the recipe called for because I wanted to use all the egg whites I had
  2. It never occurred to me the chicken might not know. 🤣
  3. Leftover Prime Rib Stroganoff

    #PostRecipes #GoodEats Sometimes I get an idea in my head and off we go! We expected to have a crowd for Christmas but the weather was not conducive to travel. We’d already prepped it, so we cooked a g
  4. Perfect! 🤣
  5. Goals!
  6. Link is bored and hoping his friend Bella comes over to play tomorrow. (She is; I haven’t told him yet!) #PostPets
  7. Mt. Hood Sunset

    This afternoon's view of our mountain, originally called Wy'East and now also known as Mt. Hood. I love days like today when the clouds part and we can gaze at that perfect peak. #PostPhotos #mthood #photography
  8. Eeeew!
  9. I want to see who made these

    We found several sets of elk tracks crossing our garden and back field today. Now I'm pondering buying a bale of hay to see if I can catch a glimpse of them.
  10. My Favorite Unexpected Dahlia from 2022

    This was one of my favorite #dahlia moments from this year. This was the only variegated bloom on my Verrone's Will plant; I nabbed a photo of it and ran to get advice from my dahlia friends. Unfortu
  11. #3ToFollow

    What a great idea! I'm going to go with: @asherperlman , a cartoonist who clearly understands the challenges of having to order pizza for a crowd @krismgates
  12. Awesome summary. I love Post!
  13. I would like to believe we can have cats this big.
  14. Change, Gratitude, Purpose, Connection
  15. Even when he’s sleeping he wants to be touching one of us. He’s the clingiest pupperoni I have ever loved. #PostPets #LinkTheDoodle
  16. Happy Friday! Life is good. Especially for the dogs who run our house. 🤣 #PostPets
  17. Yes. This is terrorism.
  18. Sausage & Bulb Fennel Soup

    Snow is falling and that makes it a great day to make a pot of #soup. This one is flavorful, packed with protein, and relatively low in fat and carbs. This #recipe made 15 cups, and it's fantastic! 2

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