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  1. Have you ever wondered what city has the most water fountains in the world?

    I found myself asking this question once when I was walking through the National Mall in DC and was thirsting for some hydration. I was unfortunately unable to find one which led me to ask myself what city in the world would I had not struggled to do so? I began researching and f
  2. Water Temperature

    In my personal experience, I have found that drinking ice-cold water usually leads to me drinking less water in general throughout the day. It could be that it irritates my throat too much or maybe it numbs my mouth. I don't have a specific reason for it but this phenomenon does
  3. Dreaming About Water!

    I wanted to share how recently I found myself dreaming that I was in a desert and wanted some water. It was a grueling dream where I was extremely parched and frustrated I had nothing to drink. I don't remember what happened after the dream but when I woke up I was extremely thir
  4. Benefits of Staying Hydrated Pt.2

    Hydration is the biggest reason we should be drinking water, and lots of it at that! According to Mayo Clinic, a top ranked hospital in the US, hydration provides us with many many benefits. In fact, the human body usually stores somewhere between 50% to 70% water, which in orde
  5. Benefits of Staying Hydrated

    Why drink water? Why stay hydrated? Im sure at some point you have thought to yourself something along those lines. I don't blame you, as drinking water does not have an immediate effect on your well-being. However, it's about the process and consistently managing to drink water!
  6. Hydration is key!

    Water is an essential component of our every day lives. Please make sure to hydrate and drink water! The purpose of my digital messaging campaign will be to spread awareness on the importance of hydration on our every day lives. As a water enjoyer, lover, and enthusiast I hope yo

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