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Author of supernatural thrillers, some might say horrors 😱

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  1. Currently reading Ashley Lister's new #indiehorror novel THE GHOSTS OF CEMETERY ROAD. I'm afraid for the Twitteratti fleeing to Insta and whose taste in what counts as a good horror novel is often baffling, you won't like it. It actually has a plot and characters and is well wri
  2. Book cover design concept

    This is a book cover concept I'm working on for my current WIP Across the Dunes. I'm around 75k through the 1st draft with another 25k-ish to go. It's a supernatural thriller-cum-fantasy tale. I wanted the cover the reflect the spirit of covers from the 180s and early 90s. #bookco
  3. This is my gritty, urban vampire novel set against the backdrop of modern London. Here's the blurb: Jack is back, but he isn't even the worst thing on the streets of Whitechapel... The Ripper copycat murders are on the front pages, and Dylan is just a paperboy forced to deliver dru
  4. 16 ideas on how to build a collaborative marketing network with fellow authors. #books #authorscommunity #authorsofpost #PublisherStrategies

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