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  1. A little over a week ago, I noticed a pattern in the immunity briefs filed by the government in both the district court with Judge Chutkan and the DC Circuit Court of Appeals: the idea that trump isn’t entitled to any presidential immunity because he wasn’t acting as president wh
  2. I’m on the road, sitting in a hotel room, with Judge McAfee’s live courtroom feed teed up on my laptop, an eye on Adam Klasfeld covering New York and the hearing for motions in the hush money election interference case, MSNBC on in the background, scripting the DoJ response to tr
  3. Judge Aileen Cannon allowed Jack Smith to file something ex parte and under seal - which means hidden from the public AND hidden from trump and his lawyers - and then after he filed it, she changed her mind and ordered Jack Smith to produce it to team trump. This is a little diffi
  4. I just finished listening to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals arguments on Trump's immunity claim, and I have some top line takeaways. The most standout moment for me was when the court pointed out that during Trump's impeachment trial, Trump's OWN LAWYERS argued that impeachment
  5. Still one of the best traditions out there. Merry Christmas, friends.
  6. Nebraska and Iowa are both refusing to participate in a federal meal program which helps feed starving children. No doubt the heartless monsters blocking this assistance consider themselves Christians. What a cruel stunt to pull during the holiday season.
  7. The Supreme Court has DENIED Jack Smith's petition for a writ of certiorari before the Circuit Court rules on the matter. So what does this mean? In a nutshell, Jack Smith asked SCOTUS for permission to have the Supremes hear the trump immunity case before the DC Circuit Court of
  8. New polling from The New York Times and Siena College shows an increase in Donald Trump supporters who believe Trump has committed serious federal crimes, with many saying that a conviction should disqualify Trump from being the party nominee and even that a conviction should res
  9. By Sarah Jones & Jason Easley The Daily is a reader-supported newsletter that is committed to providing you with news and analysis that you may not see elsewhere. Please consider becoming a subscriber to help our work grow. The Biden Black Business Ownership Boom President Biden wil
  10. Today on, Zach Beauchamp really hit the nail on the head. Trump has already stolen so much from us. What Trump has already taken from us
  11. If you are focused on voting rights and democracy, this is arguably the biggest legal development of the week (and yes, including Trump litigation).
  12. Weird

    The coverage of a MAGA impeachment of Joe Biden is truly hilarious. Haven't seen one of these pundits mention how much the GOP helped re-elect Bill Clinton with a shampeachment effort. Presumably the Biden administration is just staying quiet and looking forward to the benefits.
  13. Russian intelligence operatives - and their allies on the US far right - have infiltrated this site, and Congress and the media, spreading their propaganda to try to undermine American support for Ukraine. Are you going to let them? Re-post this if you continue to support Ukraine
  14. By Diego Mendoza A Philippines military chief was onboard a vessel that a Chinese military ship rammed into this weekend, prompting Manila to call the actions “a serious escalation.” The Chinese vessel reportedly targeted Philippines resupply ships en route to a navy base, shooting
  15. By Sarah Jones & Jason Easley The Daily is a newsletter that fights for democracy and human rights. 2024 is a critical year for the United States. We want to expand our work to strengthen the voice of democracy, and you can help us by becoming a subscriber. Congressional Republican
  16. Must read.👇 "Indeed, who will stand up for anyone accused in the public arena, besides their lawyers? In a Trump presidency, the courage it will take to stand up for them will be no less than the courage it will take to stand up to Trump himself."
  17. The Supreme Court of the State of New York Appellate Division has DENIED Trump's motion for a stay of the dual gag orders issued by Judge Engoron, and the orders have been REINSTATED. In a two-page decision, the court says "Now, upon reading and filing the papers with respect to
  18. Even in this particularly clownish era, it's mind-boggling that grown adults are actually spending precious hours of their free time in between demanding jobs and family--overlaid with our common existential depressions--debating strangers over who can and cannot be Santa Claus. L

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