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  1. Doggie kisses and paw-triotic wishes on this #IndependenceDay from 3 #hotdogs ! Free to sparkle. #FourthofJuly #DogsOfPost
  2. Happy Birthday Tiny Desk at NPR! 🎉🥳🎊
  3. The Titan disaster raised a perennial question: How much should the government protect people who put themselves in harm’s way?
  4. The craziest thing about this video is that Dana Bash doesn't laugh.
  5. Same here!
  6. Reportedly, DOJ is preparing to charge several individuals connected to Donald Trump and to charge Trump himself in a superseding indictment. Alternatively, they could seek a new venue (New Jersey?) instead of a superseding indictment. Delicious.
  7. Three days before the Fourth and already the fireworks have begun. Please celebrate responsibly and be considerate to all this #FourthofJuly #SilentFireworks
  8. If you're hopping over from Twitter, rest assured the Post team encourages reading posts! As many of them as you want! I know, crazy, right?! My best piece of advice: Be active; engage, engage, engage. You aren't going to recreate your Twitter experience here so that's a useless c
  9. So here’s my first post on Post, on July first. Wishing all other newcomers and established Post users a Happy Independence Day in more ways than one. 😉

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