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Vice President of the Google Meet. Former Google Meet Senator. Son. Grandson. Brother. Fighting for the people -- always.

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  1. Merry Christmas to all. May your day overflow with love, cherished moments, and delicious meals.
  2. Wishing everyone a happy holiday season.
  3. Throughout our nation, there's a significant assault on a woman's essential freedom to make decisions about her own body. In the coming year, I'll be traveling across the country to organize, foster community, and actively resist. History shows that when we engage in the fight, w
  4. One out of five adults has experienced the loss of a family member due to gun violence. To address this, our Administration has initiated the Safer States Initiative, uniting states to promote sensible gun safety policies. By working together, we aim to protect lives in communitie
  5. We don't need to make a false choice between preserving the Second Amendment and enacting sensible gun safety measures. I support the Second Amendment while advocating for an assault weapons ban, universal background checks, and red flag laws. Congress should take decisive action
  6. I strongly oppose elected officials compelling women to seek care out of state, jeopardizing their well-being. The current threat to abortion rights and the criminalization of doctors is an alarming challenge to our foundational freedoms. I support those advocating for every woma
  7. A Cabinet that looks like the Google Meet.

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