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  1. Need more follows....

    Just numbers, probably, but I still get much more interaction on the xTwitter than here. I hope that changes one day, so I can leave xTwitter and just live here.
  2. Thinking about American Democracy

    Thinking about the future of American democracy: the USA needs younger leadership, who have a personal stake in that future. The future begins in 2028-but only if we make sure a want-to-be dictator (who lost in 2020) is not elected-to destroy the future of American democracy.
  3. Please pass it on: a Google search is not (not even close) to the same thing as "doing research".
  4. Great thing about social media: access to so many people all at once. Bad thing about social media: so many people talking all at once.
  5. On Government Spending Vote in House

    I received by email a request from my Representative in the US House of Representatives for my opinion on the House vote on government funding. I don't know if he is serious about wanting my opinion, but here is what I sent back: Representative Simpson, I received an email survey f
  6. Can we all just call the bird place "extwitter" instead of using all the cumbersome language, like "formally twitter"....
  7. Question about sentencing in FL doc case

    @joycewhitevance Question, Joyce - if you have time to answer. If the jury finds guilty in Florida doc case, who decides the sentence, the jury or the judge?
  8. It seems I can finally respond to posts on Post - it's taken months. Now, as soon as I get enough followers here, I can give the bird to the bird thing and close my account there.
  9. Historical pattern identified: Titanic, Hindenburg, Trump.... The remaining question: sink like a stone or up in flames?
  10. Narcissism now the norm

    Loving the people who complained the loudest about inflation and now complain even louder about the cure. They are the same ones that complain the loudest about the price of fuel while simultaneously burning as much fuel as they can in any way they can.
  11. Next up: Bragg versus Braggart. Stocking up on popcorn today....
  12. Tuesday - true prediction

    You woke people take everything out of context. In this case, you are all acting like there is only one Tuesday...there are plenty more Tuesdays still coming. I am willing to bet any amount you want that He will be right about the day within a slim margin of error of four days or
  13. Putin's fans

    Apparently - as shown in the video out of Ukraine today - after searching all of Mariupol, they found a total of five "citizens" willing to greet great Putin and express some weakish admiration for him, one of them more interested in the cigarette he was smoking during the intera
  14. A new world

    In the world I used to live in, people representing the White House in a press conference did not have to answer questions from the press assuring the public there are no known cases of beings from other planets sending technology into US airspace.
  15. I still can only intermittently respond to posts. I hope this is fixed soon. Until then, know I do read posts, so keep posting.
  16. Once again, I cannot respond to posts. You'll all hear more from me once this is fixed permanently.
  17. Sorry no one gets a reply from me

    I wish post would let me respond to posts. I can't reply to posts. Admin contacted-said it's a known issue. -it's been more than a month and still won't work.
  18. 118th-Day 3

    I got some bad news for all of you pining about the House and their failures (10) to elect a speaker: the last three days may turn out to be the most productive the 118th congress ever will be.

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