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  1. I'm increasingly convinced that extending Ukraine NATO membership is the surest... only way to start to wind-down the Russia-Ukraine War & more importantly, hedge against accelerating instability in Russia. Beating a dead horse, the risk of escalation is not real. #NATOforUkraine
  2. Twitter is Toast. Time for Post.

    Holy mackerel hot out today. It’s an ice pop kind of day. And, here I am over here at Post. If more legal eagles came over here, that would make me leave Elon’s Hell hole for good. It has been tiresome weeding through the trash, so I think we are better off saying , “Adios!” Let’
  3. Twitter is done. Elon has succeeded in driving critical thinking people who thrive in a loving and just world right out of his crappy sandbox. We are better off getting out. It’s better for our mental health and for our ever thirsty intelligent minds. I crave hearing from knowled
  4. #Poem Saturday… July 1,2023 Morning smoke Fires stoked Chests choked Clouds hazed Feeling dazed World crazed Justice missed Feeling pissed Snakes hissed Ugly winning Sinners sinning Ninth inning Hit or miss Pitcher’s kiss Batter’s bliss Take us home

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