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  1. β€œdifferent platforms for different needs” I hope Post is to become the place for fast, trusted news - locally, nationally, internationally.
  2. We need sports teams, sports reporters, analyst, etc. on Post. #NHLdraft @ canes hockey!
  3. I’d like to personally welcome those of you who joined today following @MuellerSheWrote from the bird site. Here at Post, we work hard every day to fight bots without interrupting your experience. Tag @janete #Feedback and @noel
  4. Hi Posters, You have seen a lot of activity on Topics and today’s release takes another step in letting you configure Post to be yours. What was released? We broke out the news feed into 8 categories: #USNews , #WorldNews , #Business , #Tech , #Sports , #Opinion , #Lifestyle , #Entertainme
  5. Hi Posters, quick update. We have been a bit quiet as we are heads down building. We are hoping to begin a public beta for Pulitzer next week . We will give a seperate link to log in there - it will be the new front end with the same content, accounts, profiles, posts as you see n
  6. Our first weekly Defending Democracy podcast is now available wherever you get your podcasts.
  7. Local news has withered in many parts of the country. An investigation by NPR and @FloodlightNews reveals that in Alabama and Florida, newly created media outlets with ties to power companies are fill
  8. Our podcast Defending Democracy with @marcelias and @paigemoskowitz is no longer on Twitter Spaces β€” find it on our website, Spotify and Apple Podcasts (more platforms coming soon)! Our last episode o
  9. Hi Posters, In this post, I want to share some of our dilemmas and prioritization challenges so you get an idea of how and why we make the tradeoffs we do. As of now, we have 530K users on the waitlist
  10. We would love to have your content on Post. You can share your writings as a link but if you use the Composer and share it on-platform, the reading is much easier and faster. Just copy and paste your
  11. All I want for Christmas is a Trump indictment. 🀞 Hello Post! Looks good over here. Sincerely, Shelly πŸŽ„

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