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  1. Today is the 3rd anniversary of one of the most successful corporate stunts. On April 14, 2021 hundreds of corporations took out an ad saying they "stand for democracy" and against voter suppression. They got great press and did absolutely nothing to protect the right to vote.
  2. By Olena Goncharova The Biden administration has rejected an agreement with U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson to connect Ukraine aid with lifting the Biden administration's pause on new liquefied natural gas (LNG) export licenses. "The president has been clear that House Re
  3. By Ellie Quinlan Houghtaling The Daily Caller had to issue a full retraction of an Easter Sunday hit piece on President Joe Biden after it emerged the publication hadn’t performed even the most basic reporting. The outlet, founded by former Fox News host Tucker Carlson and politica
  4. By Hafiz Rashid If you ask most Americans, whether they are Democrats or unserious presidential candidates , the fate of U.S. democracy depends on how November’s election goes. If you ask Donald Trump, the election could determine the fate of the United States itself. “If we don’t w
  5. Trump Media & Technology Group, the business that owns Truth Social, saw a sharp decline in its stock price on Monday following its announcement that it lost over $58 million and saw little sales in 2023. The company's biggest shareholder, former President Donald Trump, had a more
  6. If you’ve been Listening to the Jack Podcast, or following myself or any number of legal pundits on social media, you’re no doubt aware that Judge Cannon issued an order on March 18th directing both parties - Jack Smith and team trump - to engage with two scenarios and “offer alt
  7. exactly
  8. Sorry not sorry, Rudy.
  9. the dumber their audience, the dumber they get
  10. So Trump allied with Hitler in a new speech by talking about immigrants “poisoning the blood” of America and with Putin criticizing the “rottenness” of the American political system with nothing to teach about democracy. But sure, Republicans, make him your nominee.
  11. imagine that
  12. By Thom Hartmann Last week, Senate Republicans refused to even allow that body to debate whether or not America should continue funding our commitment to the Ukrainian European democracy that is now under a brutal, violent, and sustained attack by Donald Trump’s friend, Russian Pr
  13. 🚨NEW: 13 states--AL, AK, GA, ID, IN, IA, KS, MS, MT, NE, SC, TX, and WV--file 5th Circuit brief supporting Louisiana's argument that there is no private right of action to enforce VRA Sec. 2. A major escalation in the GOP war on voting.
  14. “Republicans have not shown…Joe Biden did anything illegally.” By Bess Levin Unless you’ve been living under a rock without access to basic cable, you likely know that Fox News mainly operates as the mouthpiece of the Republican Party. Over the last several years, that’s meant a si
  15. Special counsel Jack Smith is urging the Supreme Court to urgently resolve Donald Trump’s claim that he’s immune from prosecution for charges related to his bid to subvert the 2020 election. Read more #Trump
  16. Due to the ongoing deterioration of her health, Kate Cox had to leave the state of Texas to get the abortion she desperately needed. The government in her state made her choose between her health, her ability to have children and their barbaric bullshit laws. How many women can do

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