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Sorry I’m a tech journalist

New York, New York

Senior reporter, Recode / Vox. Trying things out. So far so good.

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  1. I’ve become one of those people who gets clothes for dogs that don’t need or even like clothes.
  2. Dog photo as promised

    But seriously did I appear on some who to follow list or something? I will never live up to the hype. Here is my dog in a backpack on the subway:
  3. Oh hi

    When I wasn’t looking I somehow got like 1,000 new followers (notifications doesn’t seem to work) and you’re all going to be so disappointed. Maybe I can make up for it with cute dog photos?
  4. 🤔
  5. love to follow resistance Twitter, but on post
  6. 2 years? Lol I’m all for leeway for something new but Post benefits from knowing other platforms’ mistakes. (Also these products and services aren’t really free.) I’m not expecting beta mode to be per
  7. 🤔

    Really not sure how I feel about this place being funded by a guy who seems to hate journalists. Isn’t that why a lot of us are leaving Twitter?
  8. Let’s see what links look like on this thing …
  9. What does this even mean
  10. Do we though
  11. Just setting up my pstr

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