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  1. By Devan Cole, CNN The Supreme Court is allowing US Border Patrol agents to remove razor wire deployed by Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott’s security initiative at the US-Mexico border while the state’s legal challenge to the practice plays out. The vote was 5-4 . The justices’ order is a
  2. By JoJoFromJerz Welp, and just like that, it’s over for Ron and Casey DeSantis. It never really started of course, but don’t tell him that or he might wipe a booger on you. He was the big engine that couldn’t — all that big RINO donor money, all those expectations, all that punditr
  3. By: Nate Raymond BOSTON (Reuters) - A U.S. appeals court on Monday revived a $10 billion lawsuit by Mexico seeking to hold American gun manufacturers responsible for facilitating the trafficking of weapons to drug cartels across the U.S.-Mexico border. The Boston-based 1st U.S. Cir
  4. By Eric Garcia Congresswoman Lauren Boebert of Colorado has accused celebrities Ryan Reynolds and Barbra Streisand of forcing her out of her district and into a Republican primary in a district miles away from where she lives. Ms Boebert, the right-wing firebrand congresswoman and
  5. I wrote a thing: "free clue: you can’t fight fascism by rolling the fuck over and playing dead" — the 14th Amendment is there for a reason. thanks for reading, and please sign up for my daily newsletter to keep getting the good stuff —
  6. I’m George Takei and I support this message.
  7. Trump won't accept the outcome of the election if he loses and He is off the ballot. He is on the ballot. There is mail-in voting. There is not mail-in voting. Voting is easy. Voting is hard. The only way Trump will accept the outcome of the election is if he wins.
  8. A bank wouldn’t re-hire someone who robbed them just because some people thought he was funny. A school wouldn’t re-hire a gym teacher who molested students just because some people thought he was cool. And a nation shouldn’t put an insurrectionist on the ballot just because some p
  9. By Orianna Rosa Royle In the wake of the waning COVID-19 pandemic, a notable shift has taken place as numerous companies are permanently abandoning their fully remote-work policies. Even Zoom , the company that helped to usher in the age of remote work, has now ordered its employee

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