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  1. Rachel Maddow notes that with each new presidential election cycle, Russians have found ways to try to influence the outcome by some underhanded means. But while Russian interference has remained consistent, what has changed is the openness of Republicans to being the beneficiari
  2. Republicans demanded a bill on the border. Democrats agreed to the bill. Republicans then did a 180 and killed their own border bill — because Donald Trump wanted to deny Joe Biden a win. Those are the FACTS — and EVERY news story on the border must include this background.
  3. Trump didn’t win ANYTHING today. SCOTUS will not grant cert, because it is not a case they should take. They are only supposed to take cases where the law is unclear. The law is VERY clear here: no immunity for ex-presidents, no immunity for trying to overturn the election.
  4. Clarence Thomas is going to hear Supreme Court cases in which HIS OWN WIFE was texting with one of the star witnesses -- and emailing with an unindicted co-conspirator -- ABOUT THE CRIMES IN QUESTION.
  5. "Seventy-one percent of Americans now approve of labor unions. ... the highest Gallup has recorded on this measure since 1965."
  6. Professor Perjury testifies tomorrow. Prosecutors will be prepared. I predict the puerile paranoid putz will be provoked during the proceeding. He will get pummeled. His pathology is pernicious. He's a parasite. I'm planning on popping popcorn. And pouring a Perrier.
  7. Tommy Tuberville reps Alabama - but lives in Florida. Josh Hawley reps Missouri - but lives in Virginia. Dr. Oz tried to rep Pennsylvania - but lives near NYC. Herschel Walker tried to rep Georgia - but lives in Texas. The GOP - the Party of Authenticity!
  8. No federal officeholder, other than Trump himself, bears more responsibility than Mike Johnson for the destruction and degradation of democracy we saw on Jan. 6, 2021.
  9. To upgrade to the latest iOS or Android app, reboot your app and head on over to your settings menu. From there you can click “Install latest update”. This make all future updates happen automatically upon fresh app reboot (instead of having to deal with that annoying banner). Ta
  10. NEW: Mike Johnson closely collaborated with a group called Exodus International that promoted “conversion therapy,” a discredited practice that asserted it could change the sexual orientation of gay and lesbian individuals. Exodus shut down in 2013, with its founder posting a pub
  11. I am in Israel and spent last night protesting for democracy, with hundreds of thousands of Israelis who have been demonstrating every Saturday night for past 35 weeks. it’s an amazing, decentralized movement, with Kaplan Power (Kaplan is the st where the demonstrations are held)
  12. By Dan Rather Two tragic news stories out of Florida this week challenge us to consider how we frame current events. It may feel unseemly to discuss the messy world of politics in the midst of acute pain. But to ignore what is happening in places like Florida, and elsewhere, is to
  13. From a series I’m writing about a hotel I frequent which harkens back to the golden age of American travel. “In the old days, it would not have been uncommon to find people like Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schmidt sitting in the lobby of The Hotel on the day before Independence Day - altho
  14. “Unhinged from judicial standards, the court now roves through the policy landscape, overturning decades of lawand reordering Americans’ lives and institutions. It upends women’s health, revamps college admissions, snatches student aid from millions and redefines public accommoda
  15. "Republican politics is quickly regressing when it comes to basic human decency toward the LGBTQ community, and it’s certainly possible that some GOP voters will be impressed by DeSantis’ divisive appeal and appreciate the fact that his operation is trying to get ahead by going a
  16. Happy #fourthofjulyweekend ! As we did last year, we're doing our $4 for the 4th fundraiser! Donate just $4 (and you can make it a recurring donation!) to help feed a needy pet 😀 Even a small donation makes a big difference ❤️
  17. Crouton peeps!! Where you at? RePost to help us find all our animal loving friends here on Post #Croutonia #Crouton

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