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  1. Springtime sky from my back yard in Ontario. Finally! #postphotgraphy #Canada
  2. I've been predicting a soft return of physical media.
  3. Freda Mural - Lisbon, Portugal.
  4. I'm going to help the youngsters understand why grandfather hates "Auto-Tuned" pop songs.
  5. Nice interview w/ award-winning #documentary Diving Into The Darkness director Nay Baghai.
  6. Women's History Book List

    So proud of my wife Jill Heinerth to be included in a list with Maya Angelou, Michelle Obama, Cheryl Strayed, and RGB! #WomensHistoryMonth2024
  7. Saw this in a Lisbon alleyway last week. Truth.
  8. #publicspeaking #keynote #MotivationalSpeaking
  9. Nice of the town to warn us that dogs shit everywhere around here!
  10. My new neighbours in Portugal. Sorry for the potato phone pic. #birds #storks #Portugal
  11. BEST DOCUMENTARY! Santa Barbara International Film Festival. #documentary #docfilm #scuba #womeninstem
  12. You can listen to our Into The Planet #podcast on these great podcast platforms:
  13. My wife Jill Heinerth's life underwater "Diving Into The Darkness" by acclaimed young director Nays Baghai wins Best Documentary!
  14. Down the street from us in Portugal.
  15. An interesting interview with the director who produced my wife Jill Heinerth's bio pic #documentary .
  16. Diving Into the Darkness Premiere

    My wife, Jill Heinerth, is in good company at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Her Biopic "Diving Into the Darkness" premieres.
  17. Tracy Chapman is Beautiful

    The most beautiful woman at the Grammys. No lip filler, no plastic surgery, no heavy make up, no designer gown. Just an inward radiance that can't be bought.

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