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Science Writer/Editor, Biochemist in a past life #scicomm #dataviz

Hudson Valley, New York 

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  1. Lead in U.S. Drinking Water

    About 10% of water service lines in the U.S. have lead. Here is how those water lines are distributed by state, according to an April 2023 EPA report. #EPA #infrastructure #health
  2. History of Indicted U.S. Governors

    An indicted President may be a new thing in the U.S., but indicted governors certainly are not. Here's a #dataviz I made showing 15 governors convicted of felonies and federal crimes. Data gathered from the Center for Illinois Politics, news sources, etc.
  3. ARPA-H has opened applications for its first round of funding. Here are a few of my thoughts on drafting an abstract proposal that incorporates DARPA's Heilmeir Catechism.
  4. Big Trees and the Humans Who Find Them

    Tree Hunters are a friendly and competitive community devoted to searching for and documenting the biggest trees by species. This hobby does much for the protection of some very old, very big trees. I did not know this until I was invited to write this piece for

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