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Troll Hunter on the bird app. Hopefully that's not needed here. The profile pic is called the... "Fuck Trump T-Bird"

Modesto, CA

Cantankerous, sarcastic, coffee loving, independant minded, and despise fascists. Coder, sometime White Hat hacker & all around anoying. If you love power, more than people, you can Fxxk off! If that's all OK, or if it's not and you wanna fight, I'm your huckleberry.

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  2. I can't top this so, I'll just reuse it. Lol
  3. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Midwinter, or whatever you do this time of year. May all your nights be warm, dry, and filled with good things and cheer.
  4. Okay brief background. Having spent my life as a contractor, building things, woodworking, etc. it is impossible for me to walk into a room and not notice crooked pictures, things that aren't square, stuff like that. I am in fact a bit OCD about it. I cannot look at a crooked pic
  5. Made me laugh. Redefining the term lumber jack! 🤔🤣 Poor guy! Tough night at the local. Lol!
  6. For my musical friends. Holy shit! If you had told me about this I would have laughed. I would never have thought it would work. That said, not only is this an amazing rendition of an 80s rock classic but the voice, just Damn!
  7. You know how I've been harping about how the current SCOTUS is the greatest threat to democracy we face... Now this!
  8. Yes this!
  9. Let's have a little fun! MAGA stands for?... I heard this one a couple days ago, and laughed myself sick. "Making Atornies Get Atornies" Mine: Multiple Assholes Grabbing Attention Morons Aggressively Going Apeshit Making America Groan Again Massively Aggressive Gaping Assholes Ma
  10. Ya know what. We are on the verge of revolution. The powers that be are never fond of that. They are causing a bit of a ruckus over it. But it's coming. Those of you hoping for rapture... get bent. I'm in this for my kids, for humanity, for the future. To hell with your nihilism.
  11. OMG, a working brain. Right there with you sir.
  12. Thinking of absent loved ones! Got into a chat re: 3D printing R/C aircraft on FB. In the process I was reminded of how I got into flying models. In '63 my dad bought me a Cox PT-19 Trainer RTF control line. Throughout my childhood we would build and fly r
  13. Um... Duh!
  14. Fuck! Vote Blue, just don't amplify the bad stuff! Just sayin
  15. An amazing rendition of an already great song. Imagine how difficult this would have been to make in the 20th century. Awesome!

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