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American indie author, writer on ‘; pet sitter, photographer, and an Advocate.

West Palm Beach, FL

A New York native, I am an Indie Author, a Writer on ‘Medium . com’, a Pet Sitter, a Photographer, and an Advocate who has lived in Florida eight years so far.

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  1. 👋 Сайн уу* Welcome to Tuesday, where the Israeli army intensifies its offensive on southern Gaza as the UN warns there is no “safe” place left for Palestinian refugees there, Ukraine’s President Volodomyr Zelensky is set to address U.S. senators to plead for more funding and gold
  2. Agree, he’s a traitor to our country—vote blue in 2024 🇺🇸💙
  3. 🙄The republicans like wasting taxpayers money on frivolous things; not in actually working for the American people.
  4. Not good at all !
  5. We should all do what Suzette Sommer feels like doing—fly those Pride flags all over America.
  6. GOP Are Cowards

    Agree with Randi Mayem Singer. I tried to listen to former friends and colleagues about their reasoning behind voting for trump in 2016, and it made no sense to me then and still doesn’t. Hillary was 100% the much better candidate! I have been saying this since 2016–that he must
  7. Not In My Lifetime!

    I’m in for this fight to stop banning books! I never thought in my lifetime there would be books banned; only read about years ago banned books being burned… This makes me so sad for the future generations to come.
  8. I remember this and the rest of the 2016 debates. Creepy of him is putting it nicely.
  9. I Have A Better Suggestion…

    If not completely destroyed, I would suggest rendering the war criminals impotent to continue committing crimes against humanity by throwing them all in prison.
  10. I agree with you. Another reason is probably because he thinks his base will not watch the debate if he is not there; ruining the chances for the other republicans to be the presidential candidate.
  11. Subscriber to Mr. Takei’s “The Big Picture” here who is glad to see him and so many others I follow on “Substack”, “Medium”, and other intellectual social media platforms. Just joined this one and I’m looking forward to reading everyone on “Post News”! Thank you, George Takei, fo

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