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  1. And I don’t even have to name or tag anyone for ALL of us to know who we’re talking about here …
  3. Nixon was forced into retirement later…

    The United States v. Nixon case in 1974 ruled that executive privilege does not protect all communications of the President, especially in the face of a criminal investigation. What about 71+ felony indictments?
  4. pArEnTaL RiGhTs

    We cracked the code of 'pArEnTaL RiGhTs' long ago. We embraced ratings for TV/movies, letting parents decide. Shouldn't books follow suit? Let me choose what my child reads, and you choose for yours. Some on the far-right aim to ban what MY child reads. #ParentalRights
  5. An Alternative to Book Bans

    Controversial content in books often leads to calls for bans , censorship , and restrictions . Instead of stifling intellectual freedom, freedom of speech, and the freedom of personal choice, we should institute a rating system for books, similar to the one employed for movies, as a
  6. Hello world. 😉

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