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Labeled a "Closet Liberal". But left at heart.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Public Intellectual, College Lecturer, Columnist

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  1. Antes de que los eventos geopolíticos de esta semana —intensos desde el inicio— les abrumen, lean mi columna. Aquí:
  2. Important stuff also happens in the Caribbean. Read more here:
  3. Oh...
  4. ¡Lee mi nueva columna en El Vocero! Rusia: Lo sencillo se complica #Rusia #Guerra #An álisis #Opini ón ¡Comparte y comenta!
  5. La destrucción de zonas habitables, cultivables y donde los palestinos hacen “vida” ha sido rendida inerte, inservible, obliterada. 😔 Hay nefasta intención detrás de esto: castigo colectivo, limpieza étnica y un proceder sistemático que se acerca –si no lo es ya– al genocidio. Lee
  6. 😢
  7. 🥲🇧🇷
  8. The tragic events unfolding in Israel and Gaza have blanketed both social and legacy media, and the volume of false and unverified information circulating online has ballooned. Maintaining the integrity of the online information space has always been a challenge in rapidly shiftin
  9. Mike Johnson, until recently a Louisiana backbencher, isn’t as cartoonishly Trumpy as Matt Gaetz or frothing on Fox News like Jim Jordan, but he’s perhaps even more dangerous: a zealot in an unassuming suit. By Molly Jong-Fast Republicans made a guy who dresses like Paul Ryan but a
  10. Well, it’s a mess. Is X Worth Anything These Days? From Fast Company.
  11. I will never forget that abortions were banned before AR-15s.
  12. Excepting perhaps the last paragraph, which through no fault of the author hasn’t aged well, this is a great read.
  13. A moving review, not only of the film but a reflection on how psyches are indeed involved influencing —and influenced by— the creative process; Anthony Hopkins’ full circle is also heart-rending.
  14. There a quite a few sides to the coin.

    A sobering take. Egypt’s position is troubled, between its national interests and inclination to at least show a sliver of humanity toward the Palestinian plight.
  15. Bien por las compañeras islandesas. 🇮🇸

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