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  1. Can anyone tell me what happened to Twitter or otherwise known as X. It seems to be down for a while now.
  2. When it comes to pipelines, with this climate change, I am starting to believe we may need to start working on building pipelines for water to places that will need it. These pipelines take years to complete, and with raising ocean levels, desalination plants powered by nuclear e
  3. Sorry America, but what a gong show. Trump is laughing at the DoJ as he is free to run around and keep being the traitor he is. The fact that others would have been behind bars, waiting for trial, on just one of the charges, has me shaking my head. When the country is burning and
  4. I just got booted off twitter for responding to an idiot posting about young athletes collapsing and dying all over the place. He confesses he is not a doctor and alluded to the covid vaccine as the cause. My response was to inform him that he was also likely not an athlete. That
  5. I may rock a few boats but hear me out. From my profile, one can see a large family. That family has multiple religious views from atheists, Catholics, Protestant, Evangelical, Jehovah Witness, Hindu, Sikh, and even some native beliefs, when it suits them. I have seen and listene
  6. Hello: Let me introduce myself. grew up on a small farm in mid Ontario, in a family with 13 other siblings (yes 14 children in total, I am the youngest of seven boys and have 7 sisters). Moved a few times, ended up in British Columbia. Graduated in1978, joined the Canadian Forces

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