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Professor of Political Science


Research / comment / collaborations on: democracy • regime consolidation • EU politics • Balkans • southern Europe • Spain • Florida & US politics • elections  • civil society & social trust  I flirt with Latin America (how can you not?)     Pisces☀️Leo ⬆️ Leo🌙, which I’m told makes perfect sense. Please explain.

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  1. “Making Democracy Work” - forgotten lessons

    Ultimately, it comes back to Coleman & Putnam: social capital, trust, and a vibrant civil society Putnam’s analysis of Italy (Making Democracy Work) is always students’ favorite lecture. In the absence of trust and social interactions & the deepening of healthy norms, you risk slip
  2. Gaslighting with a nationalist(esque) spark: unnecessary “protection” laws

    If you understand Croatian, give a listen to MP Bojan Glavašević, who not only dissects the (ridiculous) proposed language law in Croatia, but also calls on Milanović & Plenković to begin behaving like their respective institutions And the observation on Vučić & Dodik: 💯
  3. His name literally means wolf

    The wolf in Europe (literally, "vuk") provokes from Belgrade Finally, a major outlet (Der Spiegel) exposes the man who has positioned himself to destabilize the entire continent, & calls out the EU Commission & Miroslav Lajcak for playing Vučić's game
  4. Academia - Bat signal!

    Who else needs an hour break after constructing a table in MS Word? 2. Is LaTex still the go-to for doc prep? What is everyone using? (This is where a hashtag-esque feature is helpful. How do I send out a Bat-signal to my colleagues? Academia, can you hear me?)
  5. In Search of a Pardon. My Kingdom for a Pardon!

    Today’s indictment is the one Trump will likely be found guilty of The evidence is damning - complete with recorded phone calls As many said, he’s not running to be president. He’s running to negotiate a pardon Afraid to take a hardline against Trump, @GOP is in a lose-lose
  6. ISO Intelligent Post(s).

    New to Post. - great recommendation, @maripuerta ! Looking forward to using this platform, drama free! (actual footage of the former Twitter Bluebird - poor guy has been through some things)

    Me, after 🎧 to clips of the alien hearings, deciding to ignore what was said and carry on with data cleaning, hoping all is not in vain Tell the alien 👽 invasion to wait until after publication please and thank you

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