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A transplant from Twitter

I'm just someone who wants to see democracy thrive on this planet. I stand with Ukraine. I'm still on Twitter ( but I suspect it won't be much longer. #IStandWithUkraine #FBR. #Resist .

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  1. It's my birthday today and I certainly got my wish. #trumptrial
  2. Who would've thought that Marge Simpson would predict decades ago what Florida is going through right now?
  3. It's been feeling like this since the 2020 election. They are definitely sore losers.
  4. From Gary Hart: I Was on the Church Committee. The New Republican Version Is an Outrage
  5. Change the voting rules

    McCarthy has lost his 9th vote for speaker. It's time to switch up the rules and go for whomever gets the most votes wins. All hail House Speaker Hakeem Jeffries. #SpeakerJeffries
  6. Happy new year to all. Let's hope for a year of joy, laughter, and prosperity. Bring on 2023.
  7. The Brett Favre stealing money scandal The Matt Gaetz underage sex scandal Jared Kushner just randomly receiving $2,000,000,000 from the Saudis, for... all his good work or something? The 5 to 15 (can't
  8. If anyone is till on Twitter here's an important poll that might peak your interest.
  9. About My Eventual Move from Twitter to Post...

    With each passing day Elon Musk is twisting and contorting his $44B purchase so much that it now more closely resembles what I would suspect the likes of Truth Social and GETTR must read like. Being m
  10. Hello everybody. I'm thinking of migrating from Twitter over to Post and was wondering what you all think of the service so far. I also hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving.

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