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Nonprofit, non-partisan news organization in #Nashville.

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  1. Voter's Guide to Nashville Elections

    NEW from the Banner: A new website and our Voter's Guide to the Aug. 3 elections. We've got mayoral Q&As, video interviews, issue stories, ad stories, daily coverage, profiles of almost every district and at-large candidate and more.
  2. Nashville Mayoral Race

    NEW from the Banner Election Desk: Crime is one of the most reliable campaign issues and yet the issue itself is complex and about more than just hiring cops. We look at the issue and put candidates on the record on three topics about crime.
  3. NEW from the Banner Election Desk this morning: Where do the #Nashville mayoral candidates stand on homelessness policy? John Cooper brought the issue to the forefront with a $50 million “housing first” plan, then dropped out of the race. What's next?
  4. Our story about the Alive Hospice CEO resigning, published by our partner the Nashville Post.
  5. Nashville Mayoral Forums

    Tired of the mayoral forum format? We were. These aren't debates, so let's give candidates more than 30 seconds to make a response. Here are the 10-minute interviews from the Banner/Post/Scene forum with the major candidates all in one place:

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