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Westchester County, NY

Retired trademark attorney, feminist, liberal, determined and curmudgeonly.

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  1. By Steven Beschloss I’m not a lawyer, although it’s remarkable how often these days it seems necessary to have completed law school just to keep up with the news—thanks to the former White House occupant’s reckless rejection of the rule of law. There are moments when I second-gues
  2. Word! Thanks, Jo.
  3. Also in the Alabama ruling on frozen embryos is this: “Doctors must create just one embryo at a time. Each embryo, no matter how poor its quality, must be transferred. Only one embryo may be transferred at a time. If the cycle fails, the whole process must start all over again. I
  4. Donald Trump was the first president in 28 years to not serve a second term, the first to lose the Presidency, the House and the Senate in a single term, the first president in 129 years to lose the popular vote twice, the first ever to fail to hit a 50% approval rating at any po
  5. I’m on the road, sitting in a hotel room, with Judge McAfee’s live courtroom feed teed up on my laptop, an eye on Adam Klasfeld covering New York and the hearing for motions in the hush money election interference case, MSNBC on in the background, scripting the DoJ response to tr
  6. What terrified him most about the verdict this week? Was it that $83M puts him in a deeper financial hole than he’s letting on? Was it the optics and how to explain his guilt to the electorate? Was it the prospect of more financial penalties and the impact to his businesses? I think
  7. A former United States president & current candidate just said that there is a “100% chance of a terrorist attack” on our soil this year, and when he said it, my very first thought was “Oh my God, what has he done?” And I’m sure I wasn’t alone. How fucking sad & scary is that?
  8. Angry (Staffer) nails the Media myopia

    Angry (Staffer) is one smart guy, and I always appreciate his insights from within the Beltway about matters both domestic and international. He's not the only pundit to call out the media for failing to see the R performance in NH as a draw and Biden's write-in as robust in the
  9. Mitch McConnell wouldn’t vote for an impeachment conviction because he said it should be ‘left up to the courts’, but Trump’s lawyers want the court to find that without an impeachment conviction it’s not a matter which CAN be left up to the courts. Thanks again, Mitch. 🤬
  10. An excellent piece from Steven Beschloss contrasting the carnage wrought by TFG and the robust defense of democracy advocated by President Biden.
  11. Dear MAGA, You like to say that “everything was better” under Trump, and so I want to know, what was it that was that was better? Job gains? Nope. Before the pandemic, Trump was averaging 176,000 jobs a month over 3 years. Biden’s monthly average is 400,000 over the same span. Unemploy
  12. The Joisey Goil is delivering da trut’.
  13. Sing it, sister!
  14. Pithy truth from Steven Beschloss.
  15. Angry Staffer’s insights into the state of the war in Ukraine are must-read information. Sure wish the useful idiots in the R seats in Congress would take the time to do so.
  16. A maddening fact that should outrage anyone who believes in civil rights and the right of privacy.
  17. I concur.
  18. Angry Sounds the Necessary Alarm

    Angry Staffer knows of what he speaks/writes here, as he was a staffer in the Bad Angry Orange Man's WH and knows about nat sec, politics, governance, and he's sounding a strong alarm here. READ THIS POST.
  19. Judge Engoron has the patience of a saint.

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