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  1. Justice Delayed. WTH, SCOTUS?

    Welp. My dream scenario has been crushed. I was certain that the Supreme Court would deny the application to stay the DC Circuit Court’s mandate affirming Judge Chutkan’s ruling that presidents aren’t, in fact, kings; a move that would have brought the DC trial back to life. That
  2. Did Smirnov's Lawyer Try to Help Him Flee the US?

    You may be familiar with the story so far, but here’s some brief background. Alexander Smirnov was recently indicted for lying to the FBI and falsifying a document in a criminal investigation by David Weiss - the Barr-appointed, now special counsel investigating and prosecuting H
  3. A MOCK Ruling on Immunity

    Because I'm a huge dork, I've taken it upon myself to write a MOCK Supreme Court decision on trump's application for a stay pending a petition for writ of certiorari on absolute presidential immunity and double jeopardy. In other words, heres what I HOPE the Supreme Court says ab
  4. Justice is Here

    I’m on the road, sitting in a hotel room, with Judge McAfee’s live courtroom feed teed up on my laptop, an eye on Adam Klasfeld covering New York and the hearing for motions in the hush money election interference case, MSNBC on in the background, scripting the DoJ response to tr
  5. Cannon Commits Another Egregious Error

    Judge Aileen Cannon allowed Jack Smith to file something ex parte and under seal - which means hidden from the public AND hidden from trump and his lawyers - and then after he filed it, she changed her mind and ordered Jack Smith to produce it to team trump. This is a little diffi
  6. Potential Appeal for Judge Cannon's "Manifest Injustice"

    Late last night, Jack Smith filed his most stunning rebuke of Judge Cannon on the Mar a Lago docket: A motion for reconsideration and a stay on her previous order to UNSEAL documents filed as supplement’s to Trump’s motion to compel discovery. In his motion, Jack Smith said Canno
  7. ALERT!

    It's here! The emergency episode of Jack! Join Andy McCabe and me as we break down today's DC Circuit Court's ruling on presidential immunity!
  8. The Immunity Ruling

    The hottest club in DC right now is the Circuit Court’s ruling on absolute presidential immunity. It has everything: It grants full jurisdiction based on Judge Henderson’s assertion during the immunity hearing that Midland Asphalt’s narrow list of interlocutory appeals is a “sugge
  9. How Long is Too Long?

    It’s been three weeks since the DC Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments from Donald Trump and Special Counsel Jack Smith’s office on trump’s claims of absolute presidential immunity and double jeopardy - the case the must be resolved before the DC trial of Donald Trump can ge
  10. Donald Trump's Lawyer Problem

    If you followed along with the E Jean Carroll trial coverage this past week, you’re well aware of the pitfalls of hiring incompetent lawyers. This time, it cost him $83.3 million dollars, but don’t forget, Donald Trump has a history of surrounding himself with lawyers who refuse
  11. What's Taking the DC Circuit So Long?

    It appears that the DC Circuit Court of appeals is weighing some pretty serious stuff considering it's been over a week and we don't have a decision on absolute presidential immunity and double jeopardy appeals from donald trump in the DC case brought against him by Jack Smith. G
  12. Alina Habba's Intentional Disregard of Court Orders

    In the past couple of days during Alina Habba's cross examination of E Jean Carroll, you may have noticed several objections by Roberta Kaplan (E Jean's lawyer. No relation to the Judge, Lewis Kaplan.) You may have also noticed that most, if not all of the objections to Habba's qu
  13. Another Ridiculous Motion

    Yesterday, the disgraced quadruply-indicted, adjudicated rapist filed a motion to compel discovery in the Southern District of Florida in the Espionage and Obstruction of Justice case brought by Special Counsel Jack Smith. It was as ridiculous as similar motions to compel discover
  14. The Immunity Hearing

    I just finished listening to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals arguments on Trump's immunity claim, and I have some top line takeaways. The most standout moment for me was when the court pointed out that during Trump's impeachment trial, Trump's OWN LAWYERS argued that impeachment
  15. SCOTUS Denies Jack Smith's Petition for Cert

    The Supreme Court has DENIED Jack Smith's petition for a writ of certiorari before the Circuit Court rules on the matter. So what does this mean? In a nutshell, Jack Smith asked SCOTUS for permission to have the Supremes hear the trump immunity case before the DC Circuit Court of
  16. Colorado and SCOTUS

    Good morning, all! I've had a chance to read through the ruling from the Colorado Supreme Court that has ruled to keep trump off the ballot in Colorado in 2024, and I have some key takeaways outside what you're hearing on mainstream media, plus some thoughts about how this might
  17. Fischer and SCOTUS

    Today, Andy McCabe and I welcome law professor Steve Vladeck to explain what's going on with 1512(c)(2) and the Fischer case, and how this will likely NOT impact the Trump indictment. Subscribe and listen for free here:

    We've all been made aware by now of a 10" binder of Crossfire Hurricane documents that's gone missing - whether from reporting this past September from Sarah Burris, or the Murray Waas reporting, or from Marcy Wheeler this past spring, or from CNN and the NYT this week. This purpo

    BREAKING: Rudy Giuliani owes Shaye Moss and Ruby Freeman almost $150M. The breakdown is as follows: Defamation: Moss awarded: $16,998,000 Freeman awarded: $16,171,000 Emotional distress: Moss awarded: $20 million Freeman awarded: $20 million Punitive damages Total: $75 million

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