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Historian - Student of History and Humanity


I see things as a historian.
 Our story is a giant canvas to review and reflect upon. I try to live by the following: -Have a passion for something better.
 -Don't accept entitlement for a few or "the way it always was."
 -Believe in compromise and conversation as long as it's not one-sided.
-Being civil doesn't mean being less committed.
 -Freedom of speech is not freedom to lie.
Truth matters.
 -Accept accountability for your policies and decisions.
Be an adult.

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  1. Reverse Cancel Culture

    I understand Zionism but don't agree with it in its extreme because Zionism itself is racial and tribal, potentially at the expense of others. That doesn't mean I'm anti-Semitic; I’m impartial.
  2. It’s impossible to determine how many Ukrainians have died as a result of Russian aggression, however it’s fair to say that the lives lost since Feb 13th of this year is blood on the hands of Mike Johnson, as he has flailed, refusing to bring the the Senate’s aid bill to a House
  3. Return of Crazytrain Trump

    Do we really want “Crazytrain” again? Remember the Lysol, horse steroids, and UV lights as a cure for COVID-19? Trump’s second term encore likely involves a major war. #trump , #justice , #medicine , #election .
  4. Well said, there are only 2 choices and this is the most important election most of us will have to face. It’s the end of democracy or falling into the depths of autocracy. Please set your other grievances aside. Nothing else will matter is we lose democracy.

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