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  1. Look, if you meet a guy at a party and he suggests you work for Deripaska — just say no, I’m good, thanks.
  2. Crazy clown caucus making it clear they are the hard anti-Ukraine vote in a pretty startling, stake-thru-the-heart-of-Reagan way. “If Ukraine wins, you lose” is the message they want their adherents t
  3. The part that’s funny is where you’re supposed to be hoping McCarthy will win.
  4. How many clowns can fit in the clown car? 2023 may answer this at quantum levels
  5. Somewhere John Boehner is laughing and swirling his giganto goblet of red wine, paid for by his weed lobbying money
  6. Season 3 of Jack Ryan — a show that I have enjoyed a lot — is painfully strange/tone deaf in the post-2022 reality. I mean, the geopolitical set up was written as some weird fantasy and not reflective
  7. My nephew asked me to read him his first Stephen King book — after hearing forever about the long-ago summer when (at 8 & 10) I read The Shining & my sister Salem’s Lot and we only read outside in the
  8. It’s funny because for years everyone has been worried about cyber attacks on the very not-hardened power grid and now militia bros just be like “but I can shoot it?”
  9. Drunken morons and the drunken morons who talk to them on Twitter, wannabe tyrants edition:
  10. Something's coming Something's on it's way…
  11. What gave us hope this year? My thoughts included here for the Politicology podcast — and yea, it’s about Ukraine, but it isn’t why you think.
  12. Christmas cardamom snowflake, ready to rise!! ❄️ ✅
  13. Just the traditional nativity, really.
  14. Pleased to join this recent podcast about the war in Ukraine and how the US views Russia Always good to hear what’s on the mind of our Baltic friends Listen in!
  15. “Ukraine will hold its line and will never surrender” — this is the congressional response👇 to Zelensky There is united support for Ukraine. Don’t let the far right extremists tell you there isn’t bi
  16. In. A. Sweatshirt.
  17. If anyone has a copy of “Islands and Beaches” by dening that they’re willing to part with, let me know!
  18. When two bros want you to think they are master of the universe but they are just bagmen for gnarly autocrats who don’t give them chairs
  19. 💔
  20. I just made peanut butter frosting out of bacon fat and maple syrup and it may be the best “buttercream” I have ever made? Extra fab on this black chocolate cake for a neighbor mini-birthday

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