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Montreal, Canada. 

Freelance film/TV journalist: The Daily Beast, Inverse, ScreenRant, The Playlist, AwardsRadar, TheDisInsider, etc. 

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  1. AMPAS to Enlist New Social Media Rules

    The Academy of Motion Picture, Arts and Sciences has enlisted New Social Media Rules in Relation to Andrea Riseborough's Controversial Oscar Nomination. More below:
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol.3 Cast: Who's In and Who's Out? Find out below!
  3. Thanks to the ones who already followed me when I posted absolutely nothing lol Still getting the hang of this platform...
  4. #Netflix will distribute #AdamMcKay 's #AverageHeightAverageBuild . More details below:
  5. If you have positive vibes today share then with me! And let’s make sure we are following each other!
  6. Hello. First time posting here. Trying to migrate away from THE BIRD.

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